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Wholesale and retail trade in elite alcohol.

“VINTAGE-M” – a Russian company dealing with import and distribution of French elite alcoholic drinks. For the time being our foreign partners are such famous French producers as “Cognac Leyrat”,“G. Seguinot & Co ”, “Euronegoce Spiritueux”, Raymond Ragnaud – Grande Champagne cognacs, “Laberdolive”, “Domaine D'Esperance”- armagnacs from Bas-Armagnac, “Maxime Bernier”, “Maison Riviere” - Bordeaux wines, Jean-Luc Aegerter, Domaine Vocoret - Сhablis, Domaine de la Bongran J.Thevenet – Bourgogne wines, Bernard Schoffit – Alsace wines. VINTAGE-M offers the most interesting wine denominations which are becoming more and more popular among the Russian consumers. The irreproachable quality level and attractive prices of the whole range of our products are explained by the following reasons:
- First, we are buying the Goods directly from the French producers without intermediaries, it being a guaranty that the Goods have never crossed the French border before their delivery to Russia, have never changed their owners, climatic zones or temperature conditions respectively.
- Second, we have a possibility of choosing all the best wine denominations in France while visiting the famous cellars and tasting the samples. Our choice is based on the opinions of the leading world experts, such as A.Parker, Le Guide Hachette des vins, Bettand Desseauve etc.
- Third, the professional experience of our staff allows to create the best conditions for delivery of the products to Russia and their storage at our warehouse. We are using the services of the world-recognized international carriers. We are doing our utmost to provide the most advantageous terms for our clients, such as, uninterrupted deliveries, constantly available stock of goods as well as a free of charge delivery within the limits of Moscow.

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Country: RUSSIA
City: Moscow
Address: office 411, 2 bld. 7, Paveletskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow, Russia, 115114
Phone: +7 (495) 729-56-73
Fax: +7 (495) 729-56-73
E-mail: manager2@vintage.ru
URL address:
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